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The project Student Company

Students that can participate in programmes promoting entrepreneurship in education are still a mignority (1% of secondary school students). From a follow up research in Norway more than 20 per cent of interviewed people in age class 25-34 that attained an enterprise education programme is an entrepreneur and it was proved also that those programme has a good influence in promoting equal opportunities. There are still rare countries implementing programme of student enterprise as part of official national programme and it is proved that teacher involvement is much more when student enterprise programme is part of an official action plan regionally or nationally. In other words there is a lack of integrated strategic plan for education, training, labour and industry in the majority of European countries and especially in the partners country. The main aim is to significantly contribute to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy, by developing from mid-to long term action plan concerning Entrepreneurship in education. This will be done by developing processes implementing strategic plan at national, regional and local level in the thematic of entrepreneurship in education by transfering the norwegian model of student company for VET/ secondary school pupils. The Norwegian partner will be able to transfer their model by implementing inside the students curricula a certain pathway for enforcing entrepreneurship attitude of students, they will be the real example of model to be transfer, they will give also the superior scenario of regional/ national agreement necessary for having implemented the model, they will produce guidelines for other countries partners to develop similar pathways. The Partner that will receive the Norwegian model are capable to be or include a local authority for inducing a innovative plan for influencing the modification of student VET curricula for including skills for entrepreneurship in their respective training/ educational system. The outcomes can be sinthetized as follow. Students will Acquire basic skills and competence for enforcing theirs attitudes, their critic spirits, their self awareness through a real and guided enterprise management curricula (student company). For local/regional/ National authorities:Transfer/ Devolop a strategic plan for systematic actions of entreprenuership education. For social partners : develop bilateral agreements for facilitating business start up. For smes: develop company policy for social responsibility, promote gender equality and social balance. Develop linkage between company and local educational institute, local authorities for education.The impact envisaged will be measurable in terms of qualitative/ quantitative indicators like blueprint model, iso 9000 quality assurance procedure, agreements with local education authorities, student company produced, social partners involvements, smes participation, students and teachers involvements.
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