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Lead Partner

Name: Provincia Di Treviso

Address: via Cal di Breda, 116

City: Treviso

Region: Veneto

Country: IT-Italy

Organization Type: Public Administration

General description of the organisation: The Province of Treviso is a local administrative territorial body that operates between the municipal and regional administrations. It represents its own community, looking after interests, coordinating and promoting its development. Among the other fields in which it is involved, the Province takes care and enhances: 1) the culture, as instrument to bring out the value of the person; 2) the professional and orientation service; 3) the labour market active policies and the economical activities as creative instruments of welfare   for the provincial community. The person, together with its professional development, is taken into particular consideration, creating specific  integration among instruction, professional training and work. In such a contest it adopts a “competence orientated” formative service as instrument to promote in the youngest the self-employment culture.


Partner 1 

Name: Coop. Dieffe

Address: via Egidio Forcellini, 150 

City: Padova 

Region: Veneto 

Country: IT-Italy

Organization  Type: others 

General description of the organisation: DIEFFE was created in 1985 as a co-operative to enhance the professional development of human resources. It is certificated as regional educational centre to the Veneto Region and has about 100 employed. The main  activity is constituted by five Vocational Training Centres dislocated in regional territory where the educational and training programs applied are waiter trainee and barman trainee whit regional qualification. The other operational areas are guidance and training services for: young unemployed people looking for job; qualified workers who want re-skilling their profession; SMEs and big companies; over-45; graduates with a diploma or degree; drop-out students; Public Administration. Since 2001, Dieffe has also a consolidated experience in transnational and communitarian initiatives, when it has planned and managed actions as Equal project and European project.


Partner 2

Name: Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Italy 

Address: Via Rossini, 6/8 20122 Milano - Italy 

City: Milano 

Region: Lombardia 

Country: IT-Italy 

Organization Type: association/non-governmental organisation 

General description of the organisation: JA-YE Italy is the first organization promoting Economics, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, business skills, business ethics, citizenship, work/career/life skills in Italian schools. Since 2002, JA-YE Italy implemented 7 programs and reached more than 60,000 students from 7 to 19 years old with the help of more than 850 business volunteers. JA-YE Italy created in Italy a dynamic space where business and education meet. At the end of 2008 JA-YE Italy count on 20 corporate partners. Thanks to a partnership with ABI (the Italian Bank Association), the JA program “Personal Economics” (“Io e l’economia”) is the first national financial education program for students from 11 to 13 years old since 2004. In 2007 JA-YE Italy obtained a special recognition from the Italian Ministry of Education for its Trainings-for-Teachers, officially recognized as professional refresher courses; and, in the same year, the Outstanding New Member Nation Award from Junior Achievement Worldwide.


Partner 3 

Name: Vocational School of Liepaja Branch of Riga Technical University 

Address: Vanes iela 4 

City: Liepaja 

Region: Latvija 

Country: LV-Latvia 

Organization Type: others 

General description of the organisation: Riga Technical University Liepaja Branch Vocational school is an educational institution founded by the state for realisation of vocational curricula.  The school provide 11 educational curricula (7 business, 3 technical, 1 information technology). There are 86 teachers at school.The Organization provide practical training in different local companies and also practical trainings in workshops.


Partner 4 

Name: Sor-Trondelag County Council 

Address: Erling Skakkes gate 14 

City: Trondheim Region: Trondelag 

Country: NO-Norway Organization 

Type: public institution

General description of the organisation: Sor-Trondelag county Council is the regional public authorities in its region. The County's Department of Education is performing school owner tasks for education on upper secondary level and for adult education in its region. The County has about 2000 employees and Department of Education has about 30 employees all specialist in different aspects of secondary education. The coordinator for this project is member of the "Development group" and we are responsile for initiating of innovative projects both on local, national and international level.


Partner 5 


Address: Str. D. Mendeleev 312, sector 1 

City: Bucharest Region: Bucuresti 

Country: RO-Romania Organization 

Type: others 

General description of the organisation: Asociatia Timotei Cipariu was created in 2004 to support the educational and professional training of young people for enhanced their social and working inclusion. The Association manage a Community for minors who live situations of uneasiness and social exclusion, also with a convention with a Secondary School as liceale type. The Secondary School is financed from the Rumanian Government. It has a number of 600 students, while the Community counts 30 accommodated minors. The specific area of EXPERTISE is that of training and prevention of the risk of youngers for a better inclusion into the society and in the world of labor. This project is important because represents a concrete proposal for the students in order to facilitate their employment and social inclusion.


Partner 6 

Name: SPIN 

Address: Cesta Gori¨ke fronte 11 5290 ¦ empeter pri Gorici 

City: empeter pri Gorici 

Region: Slovenija 

Country: SL-Slovenia 

Organization Type: SME - small and medium-sized enterprise (up to 250 employees)

General description of the organisation: SPIN d.o.o. is small private owned company that more than 20 years operates on the field of information society – software development, education, consulting, project management, solutions for blind and partially sighted people. We are Microsoft’s Partner since 1991, since 1994 we are general representative for equipment for blind (ALVA, OPTELEC) for Slovene market, since 2000 we are ECDL Authorized Test centre, for two years we are also licensed to release state certificates for some qualifications. We have modern technical resources and skilled staff for independent project work. Most projects we are performing are financed by our own resources or are financed by our clients. Among these we are familiar to public and EU funds financed projects. Company is co-founder of three “daughter” companies in Slovenia and one “daughter” company in Serbia. SPIN has 16 mostly university educated and up-to-date professionally skilled employees. All five companies including also strategic business partners perform several different domestic and international programs and projects, which involve all employees as also subcontractors (together over 100 professionals).We are situated in hired facilities however working with our own ICT equipment. SPIN efficiently managed and concluded many development projects. We have references also with national and transnational project (co)financed by Slovene an EU funds, independently or in partnerships as lead partner, coordinator and partner. Most of these projects had to be financed by SPIN’s money as we got money back after activities have finished. The worst period was between 2005 and 2007, when we waited for refunding of costs for more than one year. For financial management we count on our external accounting service and commercial bank. The founder of the company is it’s General manager and has assistants that are responsible for departments and project management.


Servizi per il cittadino


del  Settore

Diana Melocco

Tel: (+39) 0422 656-431



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